Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p
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Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p

Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080pCountdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p. Download Countdown 2019 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p

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Movie Overview

Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p At a party, teenager Courtney is convinced by her friends to download Countdown, an app that seemingly predicts how long a user has left to live. Courtney is startled that it says she has only 3 hours to live. After avoiding getting into a car with her drunk boyfriend Evan, Courtney receives a notification stating that she has broken the “user agreement”. Returning home, she is attacked by an unseen entity and killed as her timer reaches zero. At the same time, Evan crashes and a tree branch goes right through where Courtney would have sat.

Quinn Harris, a nurse that works at the hospital where an injured Evan is admitted, suffers frequent sexual harassment by her boss, Dr. Sullivan, but fears speaking out as she has only just passed her exam to be an RN. Quinn stumbles across Evan in a closed-off wing of the hospital where he tells her about Courtney and his suspicions about the app. He also reveals that he downloaded it and it states that he will die at the time he is due to go into surgery. Quinn is dismissive of his claims but eventually downloads the app after her co-workers download it. She is horrified to learn that it says she has only three days left. Evan later skips his surgery and is informed that he has violated the user agreement of the app. He is confronted by a demonic version of Courtney and is killed.

Quinn visits her home to pick up an important document and encounters her younger sister Jordan who has a strained relationship with her following their mother’s death. The next day, Quinn learns of Evan’s death and procures his phone. She cancels a plan to go out with Jordan and their father before being informed that she has broken the user agreement. She is then harassed yet again by Sullivan before fleeing. Quinn researches the app, learning of Courtney’s death and that similar things have happened to other app users although they are widely regarded as fake but it’s real. She is startled by a vision of a dead Evan and flees her apartment. She is found the next day by Jordan and Jordan learns about the app which states Quinn only has one day left. Increasingly panicked, Quinn buys a new phone but discovers the Countdown app has installed itself on the new phone. After being attacked by a demonic figure, she encounters Matt, whose Countdown app states he will die a few hours before Quinn.

The pair head to the hospital to get help from the hospital’s priest only for Quinn to learn that Sullivan has tricked the staff into thinking that she sexually harassed him; as a result, Quinn is suspended. Matt is attacked by the entity taking the form of his younger brother who died of an illness years ago. The pair leave the hospital and begin to suspect that something in the user agreement may help them. It states the agreement is broken if the user tries to change their fate and they realize that they have canceled plans — Quinn’s trip with her family and Matt taking a train ride — that would result in their deaths. They consult a priest called Father John who states that the app’s code may help them. They hack into the code with the help of a phone salesman and learn that Jordan has downloaded the app and is due to die shortly before Quinn. With the help of Derek, a cellphone shop employee, they hack the app to add more years to all three of their life spans. However Quinn is attacked by the demon later that night and the countdowns revert to their original times.


Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p

Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p
Full Name: Countdown 2019 Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p
Release Date: 25 October 2019 (USA)
Length: 1h 30min
Size: 1.5 GB
Quality: Bluray HD
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Language: English
Cast: Elizabeth Lail, Jordan Calloway, Talitha Eliana Bateman

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